About original choice team members.
original choice
The project unites choreographer Marina Orlova, video artist Nastya Kuzmina and dramaturge Liza Spivakovskaya.
Marina Orlova
Marina is currently a second-year student of a reknown school for contemporary dance SNDO in Amsterdam. Before moving to Amsterdam Marina has been part of Russian contemporary dance project Ohne Zucker, within which she co-choreographed Red Square piece and created her own production The train leaves on schedule. Marina completed Interdisciplinary Contemporary Dance Study Programme SOTA by GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art. Together with SOTA students Marina participated in various art festivals in Moscow with the pieces Negative Space, Salt on the bottom, Room 03, Untitled, Upper layer. Marina has also studies MA in Cultural Studies in Russian State University for the Humanities and BA in Sociology in State University - Higher School of Economics.
Nastya Kuzmina
Video artist
Nastya is graduate of The Rodchenko School of Art, where she studied under the guidance of the world famous Russian artist Sergey Bratkov. Up to now Nastya has had four solo exhibitions in different venues in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, including major Moscow exhibition spaces such as Truimph Gallery and Manege. As part of parallel program of Manifesta 10 Not Museum Nastya created and exhibited her photo performance Process. Nastya exhibited her first video piece Exit at Inconclusive analysis, strategic project of III Moscow international biennale for young art. Since 2012 Nastya took part in more than twenty group exhibitions in Moscow. She received grants from GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art (Russia) and EESAB de Rennes (France). Nastya holds BA degree in IT from Moscow state university of design and technology (MGTU)
Liza Spivakovskaya
Currently Liza is a student of MA program Choreography and Performance in JLU Gießen (Instute for Applied Theatre Studies). In Moscow Liza is working as curator and journalist. During 2015-2016 Liza curated and co-curated a number of educational and art projects, including Sewage time Exhibition of the paralel program of the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Theatrical Insomnia THE SEAGULL at Stanislavsky Electrotheater and many others. In 2013-2014 Liza was part of a reknown The Taganka Jubilee Group at Taganka Theater in Moscow and performed a role of exhibition curator there. For many years Liza had been Copy Editor of the official newspaper of the Golden Mask Festival. In 2010 Liza completed a full-time graduate course at the Faculty of Theatre History and Criticism at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS).

original choice
Moscow, Gießen, Amsterdam
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