Editions of original choice performances.
Original choice is a real-time improvised performance created by original choice collective (Liza Spivakovskaya, Marina Orlova, Nastya Kuzmina) and perfromed by Marina Orlova and Nastya Kuzmina.

Up to now Original choice was performed in Moscow (21, 22 June 2017), in Frankfurt (8 July 2017) and in St Petersburg (18 August 2018).

Due to improvisational structure the performances are never identical. Every performance of Original choice piece is thus called 'episode'.
ZIL Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia, 21,21 June 2017
original choice. episode 1, episode 2

K├╝nstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 8 July 2017
original choice. episode 3

SDVIG Studio of Performative Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 18 August 2018
original choice. episode 4
original choice
Moscow, Gie├čen, Amsterdam
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