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original choice
Generations X and Z are sure of where they belong: reality or virtuality. We, the Y's, are stuck in between. The next movement and image are not yet chosen. We decide, we hesitate, we oscillate in real time.
Original choice is a contemporary dance project by Russian artists Marina Orlova, Nastya Kuzmina and Liza Spivakovskaya. Playing with body, text and video the collective creates improvisational real-time performances.
Original choice project was created as part of the residency programme for young choreographers in Cultural Centre ZIL, Moscow in 2017.
The first two performances were shown on 21,22 June, 2017 in Moscow, followed by the third show in Frankfurt on 8 July, 2017 as part of Rough Proposals festival for students Gießen Master Programme for Choreography and Performance student works.

We oscillate, we go around in circles, we get stuck between one thing and another. We find ourselves simultaneously in the past and in the future; we are principled, and we are ambivalent at the same time. We extend our bodies with the screens of our phones, and our biographies with posts in others' social networks. We are free, and we are unfree. We want to make the right decisions, and therefore we hesitate. Scientists call us Generation Y, and our time - the age of metamodernism: an age where wholeness coexists with division, and nostalgia - with futurism. History is not linear, choices are not fatal, and structures are not fixed.

Any action becomes a gesture, and inaction acquires a symbolic value. It only remains for the artist to observe the work of an onlooker's perception, which has long been trained to accept that any two images can be interlinked. Stirring public's imagination is not that difficult, but what guides the mind of a person creating performance in real time?

original choice
Moscow, Gießen, Amsterdam
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